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The group of diseases that causes abnormal growth of cells and spread to the other parts of the body is known as cancer.
The two bumps located on the upper ventral of a primate's torso are known as the breasts. The breast grows normally while the body grows or changes.
Breast cancer is the cancer that buildup or develops in the breast tissue and makes the breast to grow abnormal and can sometimes grow beyond control. Cancer is detected when the body cells grows abnormally.

Signs & symptoms of breast cancer:

Fluid coming from the nipple other than breast milk, including blood.

Lump in the breast new or underarm

Newly inverted nipple.

Change in breast shape.

Irritation of breast skin

Dimpling of the skin.

Pain in the nipple area

Milk rejection.

Red or scaly patch of skin.

Others may experience.

Shortness of breath.

Bone pain.

Yellow skin.

Swollen lymph nodes.

Breast cancer can be caused by lot's of health conditions while some may be the reasons bellow:

Having a prior history of breast cancer.

Overweight or obesity.

An early age at first menstruation.

Lack of physical exercise.


Hormone replacement therapy during menopause.

Ionizing radiation.

Having children late in life.

Older age.

Breast cancer treatment medicine:

We got a pack of nutritional supplements which consists of over twenty fruits and greensleaf's with nutritional vitamins C, E and magnesium to assist maintain the body thoroughly powered for most excellent and normal function of the immune system. The supplements contains antioxidizing effect to clear off toxins, oxidants and radicals' in the body.

Using these supplements help to treat and overcome cancerous diseases and infections for a healthy breast growth.

The medicinal supplements consists of an ideal combination of over 20 fruits, vegetables, superfoods and aloe barbadensis to ensure healthy body tissues and cells function.

These supplements helps to detox and cleanse the body and the immune system for effective and proper food absorption and metabolism.

Using these natural supplements for breast cancer treatment gives the body a massive improvement of plant-based superfoods it needs.

The supplement pack is packed with full of beta carotene, an antioxidant commonly observed in orange and yellow veggies and fruits. The immune system converts beta carotene to nutritional vitamin A, a diet linked to normal tissues & eye health.

These nutritional supplements pack is an effective multivitamin that we’ve made even greater robust with our distinctive AOS Complex, which makes use of aloe to support maximize the incorporation of vitamins into the body. Contact us: +233542047738.

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