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Frequently asked questions

Question asked by clients frequently.

All products are packed, perfectly sealed and delivered together to customers on their own decision and directives.
You can do so by calling for change and also filling the form again to specify the address.
1: Place order online and pay from your bank or mobile money. Direct money transfer numbers: Mobile Money: +233550691117 Ghana Bank Transfer: 2100 441 679 916 FIDELITY BANK Ltd USD ($) Account: 3441002227413 ECOBANK Name: James Nartey.
No, this health center does not use testing tools, Scans, Laboratory tools, Surgery, etc. All our services and medicines are natural & pure for complete treatment of your problems.
No, this is a private company and we do not accept any health Insurance card & reports. Clients pay for any service provided.
Yes, we do deliveries to everywhere globally. We have offices across "165" countries, just place order and we'll deliver to your home.
No, we don't admit patients in our facility at the moment, patient can walk-in to make purchases and for consultation but can't be admitted overnight.
1. Click on "Post Ads" at the top right corner of the website. 2. Register new account & login. 3. Click on post ad again after login . 4. Select price package. 5. Fill the spaces with the ad detail and submit. 6. Make payment.
We have offices across "165" countries including yours, just place order and we'll deliver to your home.