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Piles are a serious disease that calls for urgent attention and care, just like any other disease. It is imperative to be first aware of the causes and symptoms of piles to detect them early as possible.

Kooko, Hemorrhoid's or Hemorrhoids (Piles) are inflamed or swollen blood vessels at the anus or the bottom end of the human body.

They main common symptoms of piles are itching, bleeding and pain in the anus.

Kooko (piles, hemorrhoids' or hemorrhoids: the vascular structures in the anal canal that help in controlling feces. Piles or hemorrhoids becomes a disease when inflamed or swollen.

What causes hemorrhoids (piles)?

What actually causes piles in still unknown but, couple of research are believed to be the key consideration to causes piles (Kooko).

Constipation or diarrhea.

Intra-abdominal mass.

Lack of exercise.

Prolonged straining (increased intra-abdominal pressure).

Low-fiber diets (nutritional factors).



Absence of valves within the hemorrhoidal veins.

Aging. Piles medicine here.

When do you have piles?

Most women encounter piles mostly during pregnancy. Between the ages of 45-65 people are likely to be affected with piles shown by studies.

How you can treat piles (hemorrhoids)?

We got you a pack of dietary supplements and creams containing of fiber with natural blend of products mixed with aloe vera to help support effective and strong immune system function and fighting capability against diseases from the heart throughout the entire body for a healthy lifestyle.

The nutritional supplements support healthful food digestion & stimulate intestinal peristalsis which is very essential for lazy intestines to avoid and overcome constipation.

The cream for piles consists of jojoba oil, a pure liquid wax that each soothes and protects the anus, nourishes and moisturizes the skin to rid of lifeless pores and skin cells.

This pack of nutritional supplements help to get rid of waste products from the body and additionally assist to relieve occasional constipation.

The supplements are very essential to eat seasoned and prebiotics to fix the stability of the intestinal plant life and as a consequence be capable to restoration properly intestinal health, to higher take in nutritional vitamins and for this reason be capable to battle in opposition to exterior aggressions.

Use these combination of supplements and creams & be free from piles or hemorrhoids permanently at home. Buy it here.

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