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Infertility is cause by numerous challenges and disorders but to elaborate the key points, we will enlightened viewers on the major cause of infertility in both men and women.

Infertility is the inability to conceive, despite frequent and unprotected intercourse for at least a year.

It can cause emotional stress and depression for the affected couples.

Infertility can affect both men and women, and it can have various causes and risk factors.

Infertility can be primary or secondary, depending on whether a pregnancy has ever been achieved by the person

Infertility can be diagnosed by various tests, such as semen analysis, hormone test, ovulation test, and hysterosalpingography.

 Infertility can be treated by various methods, such as medication, surgery, assisted conception techniques, and self-care.

Infertility causes:

Age: Fertility declines with age, both in men and women. Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have, and the number of eggs decreases as they get older. Men produce sperm throughout their lives, but the quality of sperm can decline with age.

Blocked fallopian tubes: The fallopian tubes carry eggs from the ovaries to the uterus.

If the fallopian tubes are blocked, eggs cannot reach the uterus and fertilization cannot occur.

Tubal blockages are mostly caused by untreated sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or complications of unsafe abortion, postpartum sepsis or abdominal/pelvic surgery.

Endometriosis or Uterine disorders: a condition in which tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus. This can cause inflammation and scarring such as septate fibroids, uterus, which can damage the ovaries and fallopian tubes and make it difficult to get pregnant.

Disorders of the endocrine system causing imbalances of reproductive hormones.

The endocrine system includes hypothalamus and the pituitary glands caused by pituitary cancers and hypopituitarism.

Polycystic ovary syndrome: PCOS is a hormonal disorder that affects women. It can cause irregular periods, infertility, and other health problems.
Low sperm count: A low sperm count can make it difficult to fertilize an egg.
Hormonal disorders leading to abnormalities in hormones produced by the pituitary gland, hypothalamus and testicles.

Poor sperm motility: The ability of sperm to move. Poor sperm motility can also make it difficult to fertilize an egg.

This blockage can occur in the tubes that carry semen (such as ejaculatory ducts and seminal vesicles).

Blockages are commonly due to injuries or infections of the genital tract.

Obstruction of the reproductive tract causing dysfunctionalities in the ejection of semen.

Genetic disorders: Some genetic disorders can cause infertility.

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