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Diabetes is one of the serious health conditions sending most people to their grave without their actual time. But with no worries, we got you a package of natural supplements that contains no added sugar and has been made up of fruit and vegetable powders such as: broccoli, spinach, garcinia cambogia etc.

Broccoli are concentrated sources of glucosinolates like glucoraphanin, and they’ve been shown to help promote insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels in people with diabetes when supplemented as a powder or extract.

Spinach is also dubbed as a diabetes super food by the American diabetes association. It is packed with essential vitamins, minerals and phyto nutrients.

The medicinal supplements pack for diabetes is packed with dietary fibres and also possesses a very low glycaemic index. The glycaemic load of bowlful of spinach is almost zero, which makes it very useful in lowering blood pressure and support stable blood glucose levels to heal any form of diabetes.

The diabetes treatment medicinal supplement pack helps to transport enough insulin into the cells to remove excess glucose circulating in blood. It treats any unusual disorders connected with diabetes and also boost the performance of the cells to repair any worn out tissues in the body for rapid healing within time.

The diabetes treatment medicinal supplement pack contains natural metformin (fortamet, glumetza, others) is generally the first medication prescribed for type 2 diabetes. 

The supplements work primarily by lowering glucose production in the liver and improving your body’s sensitivity to insulin so that your body uses insulin more effectively. It has no side effects. It’s purely organic.

Signs & symptoms of Diabetes:

There are most symptoms of diabetes to talk about, but to mention few, let's read the serious & common conditions and signs of diabetes, click here to read full details about diabetes. Contact us for your package: +233542047738.

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