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The Forever DX4 products generally does not give any side effects but, it's advice anyone using the program must strictly follow the usage guide and diet plane to avoid the listed below health implications.

Forever DX4 Body Balancing System is a four-day weight management products, fat burn and immune-enhancing supplements pack to help reset your health through a powerful combination of seven nutritional supplements that aid in satiety, hydration and supporting ideal body function.

Forever DX4 Body Balancing System side effects:

Forever DX4 is not recommended for lactating and breastfeeding mothers.

Avoid taking other medications while on the DX4 program.

Forever DX4 contain Therm Plus which also contains green tea with catechins, polyphenols and flavanols and must be used following the usage guide to avoid headaches and other implications.

When on the DX4 program, avoid fizzy and carbonated drinks.

Feeling of tiredness sometimes.

May experience dizziness due to the Therm Plus effects when not taken as prescribed.

Avoid using salt, use herbs and spices instead while on the DX4 program.

Precautions of Forever DX4 Body Balancing System:

Other foods should be consumed only as part of your one meal a day allowance and should follow the recipes provided by the company.

Vegetables (except artichokes and soybeans) should be eaten raw or lightly steamed without oil or dressing.

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