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Forever C9 is beneficial for weight lose but people who go on very low calorie diets may experience the following side effects just for few days and will go away on it own.

Feeling of tiredness.


May experience running stomach due to the effects of Garcinia.



May experience dizziness when not taken as prescribed.

Stomach problems.


Allergic reactions.

Precautions of forever C9:

Should not be taken by breastfeeding mothers.

Should not be taken by lactating mothers.

Avoid eating pawpaw when on the c9 diet plan.

Avoid fizzy and carbonated drinks.

Avoid using salt, use herbs and spices instead.

Note: Other foods should be consumed only as part of your one meal a day allowance and should follow the recipes provided by the company.

Vegetables (except artichokes and soybeans) should be eaten raw or lightly steamed without oil or dressing. 

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