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James Nartey, a business man and a business strategist. He considers every moment a chance to learn something new or help someone or improve his ability. Every goal he makes is ambitious and high, and every obstacle he faces is only an opportunity to improve himself.

James Nartey is the name and the first child in his family. Born in the central region in a town called Twifo Osenegya on the 26th day of November in the middle of 90s.  In the Eastern part of Ghana, Somanya, to be prĂ©cised is his hometown but he grew up in Kumikrom-Amanfrom located in Asamankese which is also in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Currently in the greater Accra region, James Nartey became a teacher in I.C.T.  Through all the ups and downs, James Nartey strived harder and never gave up. Making use of every opportunity he worked his way to become a business man in the forever business that helped him to become market researcher, healthcare expect and also as an entrepreneur as a web developer and still soaring higher.

When in his company you have to always be on the move and be ready to adapt to any changes or you will be left behind.

James Nartey, is a HealthCare expert under food and nutrition, the leading manager at www.netviba.com and it related health website companies. Content creator, Web Developer & expert, Health & Wellness specialist. He's been into the Health industry for years by helping others look better and feel better.

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