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Michael Houston (Godafada)congratulations: He got married to his two fiancée’s Adepa Fel and Godess Deejah Abarry on the same day in a colorful ceremony.

Godfada Gh Houston  In a striking celebration of love, married his two long-time girlfriends, in a beautiful ceremony in Accra, and has cause many reactions on the social media.

Despite prevailing societal norms and religious considerations that frown upon polygamy in some cultures, Godfada Gh Houston and his two wives showcased their commitment and happiness during the ceremony. 

This unconventional union took place after a three-year relationship, during which the trio shared their journey through videos on Facebook.

The trio had been cohabiting peacefully for years before deciding to take the bold step of formalizing their union. This unique event has sparked a range of reactions, with some expressing disbelief due to cultural norms, while others have joined in celebrating the trio’s love and courage.

Beyond his personal life, Michael Houston is a notable figure in the tech world, working as a software engineer and earning recognition as a Bitcoin ‘guru.’ Additionally, he is the founder of the Facebook brand Inside Life, adding a layer of complexity to his public image beyond his unconventional approach to marriage.

In a country where polygamy is not widely embraced, Michael Houston’s decision to marry two women simultaneously challenges conventional expectations.

The public’s response has been a mix of skepticism and congratulations, highlighting the diversity of perspectives on relationships and marriage. Despite the unconventional nature of their union, the trio’s story serves as a reminder that love comes in many forms, breaking societal norms and daring to celebrate the beauty of unconventional connections. Source: Nanateagh.com

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