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Women are much more likely than men to have heartburn, back or neck pains and shortness of breath. They tend to have belly or stomach problem, together with feeling queasy and throwing up. They will additionally feel very tired, lightheaded, or dizzy. Multiple weeks earlier than a heart attack, a woman would possibly have flu-like signs and symptoms and sleep issues. Approximately 435,000 women have coronary heart attacks in the U.SA  Yearly.

Signs and symptoms may be so moderate they're disregarded as some thing minor. What puts you at danger? Your odds of getting a heart attack pass up with age, and men are more likely to have one than women.

A own family history of heart disorder additionally makes one much more likely. Smoking raises your possibilities of a heart assault. So does having high blood strain, high ldl cholesterol, diabetes, and being obese. Pressure, a loss of workout, and melancholy can, too.

Heart Attack is caused when the blood supply to a part of the heart is interrupted. An inaccurate reference to cardiac arrest which can lead to sudden cardiac death. The most heart attack happens when the artery that circulate blood and oxygen to the heart is blocked. But the good news is, we got a natural solution to help resole heart attack and related heart problems. When blood can't get to your heart, your heart muscle doesn't get the oxygen it needs. Without oxygen, its cells can be damaged or die. The key to recovery is to get your blood flow restored quickly. Get medical help right away if you think you're having symptoms of a heart attack.

What are the best methods to prevent heart attack?

Incase you smoke, put to an end. It's going to right away cut your possibilities of a coronary heart attack with the aid of a third. Get exercise and devour right. The American heart association recommends half-hour of slight workout an afternoon, 5 days a week. Eat plenty of culmination, vegetables, and complete grains to preserve your arteries healthful. For a few people, taking a each day aspirin will assist. Talk on your medical doctor to look if it's right for you. Additionally, locate superb methods to manage your strain. Existence after a heart attack

if you're in the hospital, you could come home after just a few days. You could get returned on your regular every day life in a few weeks. Cardiac rehab assist you to recover. You may get your own fitness software and learn how to keep up a coronary heart-wholesome lifestyle. Counselors give you guide if you're feeling down or concerned about having another attack.

What are the differences between women’s heart attacks & men’s heart attacks?

women and coronary heart attacks: for each women and men, coronary heart disease is the number one cause of dying within the America. Nevertheless, there are key differences in how it develops, provides, and is addressed among the sexes. Heart disease has a chief effect on many women’s lives, however awareness approximately it has usually centered extra on men than ladies. Smaller hearts and blood vessels

there are variations in male and woman bodies that have an effect on how coronary heart sickness develops. As an instance, ladies have smaller hearts and smaller blood vessels. This difference is sizable because from time to time smaller vessels do not display up nicely on an angiogram — a photo taken of the blood vessels of the coronary heart — so symptoms of blockages may be neglected in some women. Ladies additionally tend to develop coronary heart disorder in the smaller blood vessels of the heart instead of the massive coronary arteries typically seen in men.

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