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What is the Prostate?

The prostate is a small gland in men that helps make semen located just under the bladder in front of the rectum, it wraps around the tube that incorporates urine and semen out of the body.  The prostate gland grow larger as you get older.

What is Prostate Gland Enlargement?

It's explained as when the prostate gland has grown bigger than the normal size. Prostate enlargement occurs to almost all men as they grow old. The prostate sits just in front of the rectum. The urethra runs through the center of the prostate, from the bladder to the penis, letting urine flow out of the body.

Lets understand how the prostate enlargement supplements  works and how to help you cure your prostate problems.

The symptoms of prostate gland enlargement:

Pains in the abdomen after sex.

Frequent urge to urinate.

Need to get up many times during the night time to urinate.

Blood in urine or semen.

Pain or burning urination.

Painful ejaculation.

Frequent pain or stiffness in lower back, hips, pelvic or rectal area, or top thighs.

Dribbling of urine.

What is the function of the prostate gland?

Prostate gland make the seminal fluid which is vital for nutrition and lubricating the sperms during sexual intercourse, seminal fluid comes down the urethra and mixes with the sperm production in the testicles to form the semen. The prostate contracts during ejaculation and squirts it fluid into the urethra.

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