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Information from the Russian website states that, the Russian Embassy Reported 12 missing Russians in Israel due the war with Hamas.

As of 14:00 on October 13, about 12 Russian citizens are still listed as missing as a result of the Israel - Palestine conflict . This was reported by the press service of the Russian Embassy in Israel, TASS reports.
At the same time, the department noted that the number of Russians killed after the Hamas attack on Israel is growing.
The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the number of Russians killed after the Hamas attack;

“Currently, the consular department of the Russian Embassy is carrying out the necessary checks. This work is being carried out thanks to the established direct contact between the Israeli Police Headquarters and the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs ,” the statement said.

The Russian Embassy also advised Russian citizens to leave Israel using regular flights. The department will continue to monitor the situation with flights from Tel Aviv International Airport.
Earlier it was reported that the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv and the Russian mission in Palestine in Ramallah are taking all measures to find out the fate of six more Russian citizens who are listed as missing.

As of October 12, four Russians permanently residing there were killed as a result of hostilities in southern Israel. The ministry clarified that they also had Israeli citizenship.
Prior to this, the Federal Air Transport Agency opened a hotline to inform Russian citizens who want to fly from Israel. You can call +7 (800) 200-40-01.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict escalated on October 7. On this day, the Gaza Strip launched several thousand rockets towards the Jewish state. In response to this, the Israeli side launched Operation Iron Dome against Gaza.

The death toll of Israelis as a result of the Hamas attack has reached more than 1,300. The death toll of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip has risen to 1,537. Source: Russian News Website.

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